Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Me All Along

It clicked tonight.

Lying in bed, silent and still, I felt him. My skin turned into a sea of goosebumps and my heart lit up. Although it sounds crazy, it was the farthest thing from irrational. It felt more real and obvious than anything I've ever felt. I whispered out loud, "There you are. I missed you."

A bigger smile than I thought was possible to produce spread across my face, which sent another wave of goosebumps rushing over my skin. In that moment I knew I had been asking the wrong question. It was pointless to grapple with what distance to keep Blake, because he's been inside of me this whole time. Whether I realized it or not, that's where he's always been and that's where he'll always stay. So instead, I need to be asking myself how can I be inspired to move forward by this empowering force within me?

After this became clear, I started to reflect on the struggle I was having with trying to picture Blake. I realized that I've been going about that the wrong way too. Since Blake no longer exists in his physical form, attempting to imagine him that way is futile. It only brings me the superficial aspects of his appearance, which just frustrates me further. Although it's hard to stop trying to reconstruct how incredibly handsome he was, that body no longer belongs to him. I need to let it go. However, instead of imagining him I can feel him in an all encompassing and spiritual way. A way that fills me with far more meaning than any mental representation could.

I am ending the night and drifting off to sleep thinking of a quote I read today. Moving forward, I am going to think back to these words whenever doubt creeps into my mind.
"Goodbyes are only for people who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation." -Rumi
But do not be mistaken. Acknowledging Blake is within me won't leave me frozen in time, chained down by unproductive thoughts of what might have been. Instead, it will push me to live a life filled with a renewed sense of purpose and love. He will radiate from inside of me and multiply my light.


  1. beautiful. gave me chills reading it. and tears. thinking of you today. -dara

    1. Thanks, my love!!

      I hope the quotes remind you of your husband. I've been reading all of this poetry by a mystic named Rumi and I feel like he gets love on such an amazingly deep level.

      Here are more quotes by him that I found. Enjoy <3:

  2. i love this reflection. i know many people find it hard to cope when they can no longer visualize their lost one, or remember their voice, etc. what a beautiful way to think about it.

    1. That was something that drove me crazy at first. I thought I wasn't honoring him because I couldn't picture him or hear his voice anymore. I beat myself up about it and got so angry at myself for not being able to. I was obsessed with trying to remember every little thing about him so I could keep him alive in my mind.

      But after reading some of these quotes from Rumi and other philosophers, I have a completely different perspective on death. Just because Blake's body is gone, doesn't mean he is. Regardless of if you believe he can actually still be present, he is undoubtably present in his influence on me. Anytime I think about what Blake would have done or what he would've wanted me to do, that's him alive inside of me. It feels nice to think of it that way.