Friday, October 18, 2013

Separating (A Poem)

Enough space to keep me sane
Close enough to heed my heart
Straddling this fine line 
Crossing over, ripped apart 

The strength is in the balance
Of knowing how to choose
At what distance to hold you
The amount of separation to use 

If away is where I place you
I'm lost, disconnected, alone
Wandering, restless, broken
A soul without a home

If I pull you in too tightly
It's like embracing the sun
Engulfed in blissful light 
But scorched and overdone

Where's the happy medium?
The perfect in between?
Fully accepting my reality
While still honoring the unseen

So goes my daily struggle
Learning to navigate this mismatch
Loving you thoroughly and truly 
While beginning to detach 

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