Friday, June 28, 2013

One Month/ Our Twin Freckles

Why are mornings the hardest?

I think it's probably because I'm either waking up from a dream about you, expecting to have you next to me but having to realize you're not, or starting the process of another day that I am going to have to fight to get through. Usually it's all three.

So for today, the official one month anniversary of your death, I am going to get through this morning by focusing on one of my happiest memories with you:

I've always been fascinated by freckles because I only have about 10 total. For whatever reason, I find them extremely cute, especially when they are placed randomly on a person's body with no other freckles around.

I decided to pick out which of your freckles were my favorites. You had one on your face that was really cute, I kissed it. One on your neck. And then I found one on your shoulder. Since I only have about 10 freckles, I know exactly where all of mine are. When I found the one on your shoulder, I freaked out a little bit. I have one in the EXACT same place!

You laughed, because I am ridiculous, and checked to make sure I was right. I was, obviously.

You kissed my shoulder freckle and told me they were our twin freckles. You told me I had to kiss yours back to make it official.

You decided that from now on, we could send each other love and positive energy through our twin freckles whenever we were apart. Since we were in a long distance relationship, we were apart often. This would be a way that we could always remain connected and be with each other even when we weren't in the same room.

When I put my finger on my twin freckle, the rest of my hand touches my heart. I am going to do that a lot today. I hope Blake is up in heaven sending me lots of love and positive thoughts as he is touching his twin freckle.

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