Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lost at Sea (A Poem)

If home is where the heart is
and my heart is up in heaven,
Then where do I belong?

If my anchor is to ground me
and it's with me no longer,
I'll drift aimlessly along

If my compass is to lead me
and I've lost my direction,
I'm out here afraid

If light is what you bring me
and now there's only darkness,
Then you should've stayed.

Homeless and ungrounded
Drifting and clouded
Everyday I wake
Hoping it's a mistake

Because now I'm all at sea
Trying so desperately
To be true to who I am
While mapping a new plan

Without light it's hard to do
What the compass tells me to
But I don't need to hold steady
I have no anchor so I'm ready

Now that my heart is in the sky
I can always use it as my guide
I won't ever feel alone
You've made the whole world my home.

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