Sunday, August 18, 2013

Recent Photographs (A Poem)

Where there once was a twinkle
Sheer joy, a spark
Snuffed out is that glow
A gaze vacant and dark

Eyes like pools of despair
So deep you could dive
With a tiny hint of hope
Fighting hard to survive

You can tell she attempts
To produce a natural smile
Strained and dishonest
Hurting all the while

But there’s truth in her eyes
Although a dim glimmer
At the bottom of the darkness
Is a light yet to shimmer

If you look deeply enough
You’ll see hope fighting through
It’s broken and buried
But it’s existence is true

Although her smile is artificial
And her eyes look dejected
At second glance I see a girl
With a pain she has respected

The unwavering joy  
He made shine from her eyes
She knows can’t be faked
So it’s not like she tries

She puts on a good face
And smiles with her friend
Making the most of the moment
While hope is on the mend

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