Friday, November 8, 2013

Don't Wipe My Tears (A Poem)

Don't wipe my tears
just let them fall
streak my cheeks
drip and crawl
From my eyes
pooling at my nose
caught on my lips
dampening my clothes

Don't wipe my tears
I like how they feel
they wash my skin
and help me heal
Wouldn't shut them off
even if I could
because with the bad
there's always good

Don't wipe my tears
they serve me well
teach me patience
help me to quell
the piece of me
with doubt and fear
and put in its place
a pride sincere

Don't wipe my tears
they're mine to own
understanding this
shows how I've grown
No longer afraid 
of what tears may say
because I make the rules
and tears are ok


  1. AHmazing. beautiful serenade to grief. i wish i could be as accepting of my own grief.

    1. It's hard to be accepting of your grief when so many people tell you "they want to see you smiling, not crying over them." That is the most infuriating (and unfortunately the most common) piece of advice I continue to get. Grieving is for the living, not the dead. Maybe they would want to see us smiling, but if crying is what you need to do, then that's what you need to do.